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Equine Use
Early stage testing using a daily feeding program has shown results* such as
-improved performance
-increased earnings per start
-improved appetite
-weight gain
-improved recovery from training and racing
-improved endurance
*observations noted by trainers are currently under scientific assessment

Facts: The combination of nutrients improves the function of cellular metabolism Mechanism of action is critical to altering pathologic processes and restoring normal cellular function.
Research conducted by respected and renowned cardiac and internal medicine specialists. Clinical trials conducted in people.

Specialized combination of all natural ingredients reversed cardiac pathology. Healing with no drugs. Secondary research trials in sedentary people improved treadmill performance by 20 and 30 % respectively after two weeks of supplementation. Trials in Europe saw marathon runners improve their times by 10% after 60 days supplementation


EquiZen Equine Supplement 750g

  • High performance Horses:  3 Scoops of EquiZen in feed daily, approximatly one month supply

    Saddle Horses:  1 1/2 scoop of Equizen in feed daily, approximatly two month supply

  • Active Ingredients (per 30g): Carnitine 10.0g Coenzyme Q 10 500mg Taurine 8.35 g Cysteine 167mg Vitamin E 167mg Vitamin C 167mg Thiamine 16.7mg Riboflavin 16.7mg Selenium 13.4mcg Dosage Dosage: Each scoop of powder (1 tablespoon) contains 10 grams. Performance horses: 1 tablespoon (10g) per 150 kg bodyweight daily given orally. All other horses: 1.5 tablespoons (15 g) daily given orally Health Claims: EquiZen utilizes a formula that supports cellular energy metabolism, supports general health, supports athletic workout, helps support tissue repair associated with training, supports muscular recovery assoc iated with training. EquiZen is a factor in the maintenance of good health. Cautions: Not to be used in horses that are intended to be slaughtered for use in food. Do not exceed recommended dose. Store under dry conditions at room temperature. Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use.

     Ingrédients actifs (par 30g): Carnitine 10.0mg Taurine 8.35mg Coenzyme Q10 500mg Cystéine 167mg Vitamine E 167mg Vitamine C 167mg Thiamine 16.7 mg Riboflavine 16.7mg Sélénium 13.4mcg Conseil d’utilisation: Dosage: chaque cuillère contient 10g. Chevaux de sport: 1 cuillère (10g) par 150 kg de poids par jour et par voie orale. Tous chevaux: 1.5 cuillère (15g) par jour par voie orale. Domaine d’action: La formule d’Equizen soutient le métabolisme énergétique des cellules, la santé et l’exercice athlétique. Elle aide à la réparation tissulaire et à la récupération musculaire associées à l’effort intense durant l’entraînement. Equizen est un agent essentiel dans le maintient de la bonne santé. Avertissement: Garder hors de portée des enfants. Ne pas utiliser pour la consomation humaine. Conserver dans un endroit sec à température ambiante. Ne pas utiliser sur les animaux destinés à la consommation humaine, un temps de sevrage n’ayant pas été établi. Ne pas dépasser la dose recommandée. Reaction Reporting/Rapport sur les réactions : 1-866-574-1718 / Reg # NN. TFS6

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