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The Science Behind the Formula

Updated: Mar 4

The doctors researching congestive heart failure (CHF) identified a series of nutritional deficiencies in the heart muscle, and subsequently their research found that correction of the nutritional deficiencies (through daily supplementation) actually REVERSED the pathology of the heart muscle, seen in CHF. Subsequently, their research also showed a performance enhancement effect in people, animals, and athletes. But how does that happen without drug? Let me explain.

The theory behind the formula lead the doctors to patent their idea. What they described leads to a concept of healing and improved bodily function using a simple nutritional supplement. The doctors found that specific ratios of L-carnitine, Taurine, and Coenzyme Q10 provided the benefits to correct the myocardial nutritional deficiencies. The theory is that these nutrients are key players in energy metabolism. By supplementing these amino acids, the direct benefit is improved function of the mitochondria in the cell, and improved cellular energetics.

As an analogy, we can compare the body tissue or the living organism to a car, and the cells in the body are comparable to the cylinders in the engine. If your car is an 8 cylinder but only running on 7 cylinders, it will still run but not very well, until the defective cylinder is functional. The formula helps to ensure that the defective cylinders (the body cells) are all working. Not only that, but the formula assists to optimize the function of the individual cells. So, it is like adding high test fuel to the engine of the car, to improve the energy output of the cylinders. It gets the cells to operate at peak capacity.

Any cells within a tissue function to produce energy through an interaction between blood supply (carrying oxygen) available fuel (sugars or carbohydrates) and the mitochondria within the cell. The mitochondria are the “energy powerhouse” within the cell. The tissue function can be impaired or limited by factors affecting any of the components to this system, but the mitochondrial function is a significant and most important process limiting factor. When cellular and tissue function is impaired, Inflammation results. Tissue inflammation leads to disease of the impaired tissues. By correcting and improving the cellular function, disease processes can be halted, reversed, and prevented.

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