About Us

Naturzen was created with the concept that you can have a well balanced healthy animal without having the drastic side effects of typical synthetic medications.  With the development of world renowned doctors and veterinarians and natural health product specialist Naturzen was born.

The idea of creating a healthy animal has always been the goal of the community and now for the first time there is a company that can actually produce a line of products to not only benefit the well being of the animal but creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Continual research is allowing Naturzen to focus on species specific problems and ailments that are becoming more and more common in the animal world.  Not limiting Naturzen’s scope on research, they have become involved with other specialists and combining great science with nature`s natural supplements, amazing results in clinical have already started to flood in.

Mission Statement

Based in Ancaster, Ontario. Naturzen has decades of animal experience from the veterinarian side, and the daily care and well being of animals.  Working closely with pharmacists the issue of using synthetic drugs to band-aid an issue, rather than using natural health products to repair and heal properly was a common occurrence .  With that  thought and mindset, Naturzen`s partners came across a healthy alternative to help repair and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With the dedication of our team and world known specialists our goal is to create a positive change in how animal health and nature are fundamentally intertwined, creating a healthy and balanced animal.